It never fails that you perform a color consultation, you ask all the right questions, go over every scenario possible and your results aren't what you expected!

It honestly, happens to the best of us, and thats ok! But, could there have been a different way to execute that color service?

Meet me on our group couching call, where I break down stylist submitted color scenarios to help you figure out a different approach to get the best results!

Every 4th Monday | 10am CST | Via ZOOM

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We're making it SEAM-LESS!

Every now and then some of my hair besties will shoot me a pic and ask for help with a color client and I find myself walking them through it via text or face time, and to be honest, I actually really love helping them out this way!

In this picture, my girl Mia just so happen to get a color client of mine that wanted micro links and Mia needed to be able to color the extensions to match what I had done to her natural hair. 

 I let her know what I did to achieve her look, gave her the formula and as she sent me pics throughout the process of lightening the extensions, I guided her on what to do to ensure a seamless blend and let me tell you, it was SEAM-LESS!!!! 

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Kendra Willis

" I got EXACTLY what I came for! My struggle in the beginning was understanding formulations and placement techniques. AJ taught me how to breakdown formulations in the most basic way to the point where I was able to understand the more complex versions of color lines. I can now use any color line and know exactly what I'm looking for! 

I feel more confident and comfortable with taking color clients! My confidence went from 20%-90%! I'm not at 100% YET, but that will come with me taking on more color clients. I feel like I have a great foundation to continue building on. I no longer feel defeated when I'm trying to decide where to start when doing a color consultation and going to buy product! "

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LaCretia Baskfield

" The whole HCC program is AMAZING!  The workbook is clear, concise, and thorough. The modules are packed with information but understandable no matter how long you've been in the industry.

 I was always anxious and nervous doing color clients. Literally, after the first orientation call, I knew that this was the place for me to finally build my confidence. Now, I go into the color appointments with a solid plan and know how to make adjustments when necessary. I feel a lot more confident behind the chair! "

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